Cities With The Best Public Transportation

When traveling, it’s always a smart idea to do some research on public transportation availability wherever you’re going. In some cities, it’s not considered safe for a tourist to use public transportation, whereas in other cities everybody does it with no questions asked. Every city is different, and we’ve done some research into some of the cities with the best, safest, and most affordable public transportation options you can use. Enjoy, and happy traveling!


Shanghai, China

Shanghai modeled its public transportation system off of how New York does it but has put a Shanghai twist on it. The transit system is known famously for being safe, reliable, affordable, and always on time. With Shanghai being the most populated city on earth and the fact that over 2 billion people utilize their public transit each year, the high level of performance that it displays is remarkable. By 2030, Shanghai plans to have a subway system that is five times as long as Hong Kong’s. Now, that’s insane!

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is home to the second-largest public transit system in the entire United States, just after New York. Prices for public transportation in Chicago have not gone up since 2013, and a large group of people that qualify– senior citizens, military personnel, and people with disabilities–qualify to ride for free. Busses and trains in Chicago take pride in the fact that they are sustainable; on top of this, 100 percent of buses and railcars and 70 percent of train stations are handicap accessible. That is something to brag about! To top all of this off, Chicago dove head-first into the tech industry and offers more than 20 different phone applications for passengers to check in on arrival times, live locations of a bus or train, and see what their estimated arrival time is to their destination.

London, England

A whopping 85 percent of people in London not only take the provided public transportation but are satisfied with it as well! The public transit in London is affordable, time-efficient, and safe. Prices of transit in London have been frozen at the same cost since 2016, allowing the average working-class person to have very affordable transportation to work each day. On a map, the train system may look confusing, but it’s actually quite simple to navigate, as each line is separated but meets together at some point or another. London also offers busses, but of course, the underground train is quicker, as it avoids traffic jams.


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